Liquid Argon (LAR)

Liquid Argon (LAR) is a cryogenic liquid form of Argon that has been cooled to a temperature of approximately -185.8 degrees Celsius (-302.4 degrees Fahrenheit) at standard pressure.

Liquid argon (LAR) is the liquid form of the chemical element argon, which is a colorless, odorless, and inert gas. Argon is a noble gas, which means it is part of a group of elements that are highly stable and unreactive.

At standard pressure and temperature, argon is a gas, but when it is cooled to -185.8 degrees Celsius (-302.4 degrees Fahrenheit), it becomes a liquid. Liquid argon has a very low boiling point and is typically stored and transported in special insulated containers to maintain its extremely low temperature.

Liquid Argon are transported and stored in cryogenic containers, such as T75 ISOTanks, that are designed to maintain the low temperature of LAR


Argon is commonly used as a shielding gas during welding and other high-temperature metalworking processes. It helps to protect the metal from oxidation and other forms of contamination that can occur during these processes.


Argon is used in the production of certain metals and alloys. For example, it is used to create a protective atmosphere during the casting of titanium and other reactive metals.

Food and beverage production:

Argon is sometimes used in the production of certain foods and beverages, such as wine and beer. It can be used to prevent oxidation and other types of chemical reactions that can affect the flavor and quality of the product.

Medical applications:

Liquid argon is used in cryosurgery, which is a type of surgery that involves freezing and destroying abnormal tissue. It is also used as a cooling agent for certain types of medical equipment.


Argon gas is used in the production of certain electronic components, such as phototubes and gas-filled surge protectors.


Liquid argon is used in the aerospace industry as a coolant for rocket engines and other high-temperature applications.


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